Starting this Monday May 4th, 2020, we will start having one liturgy every day. Up to 75 people can attend in the church upstairs, while still observing social distancing, wearing facial masks and following all the guidelines we are currently observing. There will be assigned seating in the church in order to abide by the 6 feet apart social distancing rule.
In case more than 75 people show up on weekdays, up to 50 more people could attend in the downstairs church and watch the live stream, then communion will be distributed to them at the end.

You will need to reserve your spot in advance. For those attending, please follow these rules:
1) People present should wear a mask until communion time.
2) Someone will take the temperature of each person before entering the church.
3) If anyone is sick or have symptoms, please stay home or seek medical help if necessary.
4) Continue social distancing with at least 6ft apart from one another during the service and when approaching for communion.
5) No greeting during the liturgy, and no kissing the priest's hand or the gospel.
6) The church will be sanitized before each service.
7) Use the same pews each time to ensure they are kept sanitized well.
8) People should leave immediately after the liturgy. No agape meals.
9) Please bring your own veil (for women) and handkerchiefs for communion.
10) Please bring your own water bottle for after communion.

Please let's all follow the above rules so everything would go smoothly.
Please pray for the church and for one another.

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